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Freelance Services

As an independent freelancer I am able to offer a variety of creative services catered to the needs of your project. From creative direction, full product development, to visualization and marketing asset creation, my experience has given me a wide perspective and breadth of knowledge I would be happy to bring to your project. 

Please see below for an example of some of the services offered and testimonials from past clients.




Starting projects by visualizing your market, competitors, trends, and your brand's identity through mood boards, competitor analysis and design interrogations. 



From brainstorm sessions and blue sky ideas, to honed in details and color pallets. Lets explore ideas through sketches and come up with your new product. 


3D Modeling

CAD modeling designs in Solidworks to translate sketches to 3D and create the groundwork for production and analysis.  



Taking your design and using visualization to create photorealistic renders for everything from final CMF decisions, to marketing and packaging assets. 



white foam models, 3d prints, or outsourced prototyping and finishing.


And More..

interface design, packaging, marketing assets, branding, technical drawings. Whatever else you need we can cater to the needs of your project.

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As a serial founder I have worked with several large Industrial Design firms in the past, but this time I instead decided to work directly with an independent designer because I would save time and money if I could find a highly qualified designer.  After speaking to many industrial designers, I decided to work with Kaitlin due to her vast experience.  Kaitlin is by far the most positive experience I have had working with industrial design.  She was incredible at taking my vision and creating a visually appealing product that fit with the modern design of today's latest consumer products, as well as keeping in mind the manufacturability of the product.

Dan Evans 

CEO and Founder of BABBACARE

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